This activity started at the home after seeing that kids need different kinds of food stuffs to balance the diet in order to grow well. Kids go to the farm with instructor to guide them on what to do. They use hoes, pangas, rakes, gum-boots to plant crops like cassava, Irish potatoes, beans, cabbages and others.
We keep animals like goats and rabbits. They help in education purposes and feeding.

Reading and writing.
This is an additional of education mainly put up to make kids improve in English speaking, confidence when talking in public even helps kids to pass examinations.

Taekondo and yudo styles.
This is a Korean style of personal defence. Kids do the practice with Korean masters making them physically fit and as well as keeping their bodies health.

Football and netball.
This game was put up in order to bring up kids' talents because these days talents became jobs. This game help kids physically, mentally and also prevents boredom.

Normally debates are done on Friday and it's part of education because motions can be political, day to day events, past events even health.